How to get AMAZING actor headshots and why I LOVE doing them!

Acting is a calling. It’s something you feel absolutely compelled to do!

I caught the bug in 3rd grade when I was cast as the lead in the school play. I was the Queen in the Adventures of the Lollipop Dragon. LOL! Being in front of the audience and creating a character, making people laugh and feel. I fell in love with all of that many moons ago.

It is a crazy profession you would have to be even CRAZIER to pursue.

Who would go on 100 job interviews a year and be happy to book one or two? Only an actor. I get these crazy artists because I happen to be one of them. I’ve been at it for over 25 years. I would say I am blessed that I get to work as much as I do as an actor – but being blessed has NOTHING to do with it. It takes lots of work and just sticking around and staying at it! And I was crazy enough to do just that – to keep at it.

So what does anything of this have to do with working with actors on their headshots?
Why should an actor work with me?

– read on…

I get you! I see you! I know what it’s like to be you!

Here’s how I help you get amazing actor headshots!

  1. If you are new to the business I will save you YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars! I have seen it all and can steer you away from all the terrible mishaps that my peers and I have experienced.
  2. I am currently a WORKING Actor! This year I have booked several NY based TV shows. I audition regularly and know what casting directors and agents look for in a good headshot.
  3. I’m more than a good photographer – I am an AMAZING acting coach and director. I work with you during your shoot to bring out your best.
  4. I ask my actors to treat their sessions as if they were actual acting jobs. Each look is a version of you. An archtype. I ask my clients to create that character for each look. What you think the camera will see. So if you are thinking like the character – your eyes will pop and that character will jump off the screen.
  5. I provide you with an actor questionnaire. It’s all the questions I ask myself before I do my own headshots. Great headshots happen when you are SUPER prepared and EXTREMELY clear about who you are and where you fit in the industry.
  6. I take the time to meet with you face to face before the session. Each of my actor sessions include a zoom consultation. I want to see you, get to know how you look on camera, what your personality is like. During this call, we discuss wardrobe and your answers to your questionnaire.
  7. Once you work with me, you have me as a resource always! Call me, text me, email me anything regarding the business and I can help you!
  8. I strive to be the person I WISH I had known when I was starting out. I want my clients to succeed. I want them to book tons of work, and do amazing things.

So that’s my why!

If any of this resonates with you – reach out! I would love to chat with you! And above all keep at it! You have to be in it to win it! You have to try – or you will never know. There are some of the most talented actors out there who you will NEVER know because they don’t get out there and try. Follow your heart and go for it! Wishing you lots of love on your journey! – Dina

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